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Always mixing innovation and technology

R&D staff can do characterization analysis of compounds about rheological, mechanical, physical, electrical, thermal and aging characteristics.

SIGEA always pursues the highest quality to constantly improve its compounds and to formulate new ones based on the needs of our customers.

Rheological Analysis

Rheological Analysis

  •    Rheological diagrams
  •    Mooney Viscosity analysis
  •    Scorch Time evaluation
Mechanical Tests

Mechanical Tests

  •    Tensile strength, elongation at break, tensile modulus evaluations
  •    Static Hysteresis analysis
  •    Compression failure test
  •    Tear resistance evaluation
  •    Permanent set
  •    Hardness evaluations IRHD
  •    Hardness evaluations Shore A
  •    Cold test
  •    Abrasion test
Physical Evaluations

Physical Evaluations

  •    Relative density evaluation
Electrical Evaluations

Electrical Evaluations

  •    Electrical resistivity (4 pin probe) between 10-4 and 107 Ω (volume and surface resistivity)
  •    Electrical resistivity (ring probe) between 106 and 1015 Ω (volume resistivity)
  •    Variable temperature and frequency Tan Delta Analysis up to 2KV
  •    Relative permissibility
  •    Dielectric strength
Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

  •    DSC (differential scanning calorimetry): glass temperature, melting point, OIT, crystallinity, reticulation residues evaluations.
  •    TGA (thermo gravimetrical analysis): TG diagrams and DTA diagrams evaluation
Fire Resistance Tests

Fire Resistance Tests

  •    LOI (oxygen index)
  •    Temperature Index
  •    DTA
  •    UL94
Accelerated Aging Test

Accelerated Aging Test

  •   Air aging in heater (with natural and forced convection)
  •   Aggressive Fluids and Gases aging (thermostatic baths and ozonometer)

SIGEA can collaborate with some of the best external analytical labs for particular requests:

Analytical analysis:

  •    UV/Vis
  •    FTIR
  •    SEM+EDS
  •    GC
  •    GCMS
  •    HPLC
  •    GPC

Morphological analysis:

  •    SEI mode
  •    BEI-C
  •    Axial Tomography

Thermal analysis:

  •    • Cone Calorimeter test

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